London Zoo, a wild day out

A visit to London Zoo in Regent’s Park is an educational and entertaining day out enjoyed by children and adults too. There are over 750 species at the zoo so, some careful planning is necessary to get to see as many animals as possible; tickets can be purchased at the gates or online where a number of different options are available. Most people start their visit at Gorilla Kingdom close to the main entrance, home to four Western Lowland gorillas.

Entrance to London Zoo gorillas enclosure

One of the gorillas at London Zoo

One of London Zoo gorillas

Across the road from the exit of Gorilla Kingdom is Tiger Territory, where tigers can be seen at a close distance in a safe environment.

Entrance to London Zoo tigers enclosure

Two of London Zoo tigers

One of London Zoo tigers

Next is Penguin Beach where a colony of penguins entertain (themselves) and visitors diving in and out of the large pool.

Entrance to London Zoo penguins enclosure

Two penguins by the pool at London Zoo

One of London Zoo penguins underwater

Close to Penguin Beach is Butterfly Paradise, housed in a giant caterpillar shaped structure. Inside a variety of butterflies, moths and caterpillars are on display, with butterflies flying around freely in an ever changing environment.

Giant caterpillar structure of Butterfly Paradise at London Zoo

A black and red butterfly at London Zoo

Butterfly against a yellow background

Butterfly flying past a plant

Caterpillar at London Zoo Butterfly Paradise

Across from Butterfly Paradise there is a small lake home to pink flamingos, herons and pelicans.

One of London Zoo pelicans

London Zoo pink flamingos

At the Meet The Monkeys attraction, Squirrel monkeys are free to roam around an enclosure built to mimic the Bolivian rainforest swinging from trees and often playing hide and seek in the bushes; make sure to hide away any food before entering the enclosure!

One of London Zoo Squirrel monkeys

More monkeys can be seen together with other animals in the Rainforest Life enclosure.

One of London Zoo white monkeys

Two of London Zoo monkeys

In the Animal Adventure area of the zoo, meerkats, very popular in the UK thanks to a very clever TV commercial, can be seen together with a lot of other animals that children (big and small) can interact with including llamas, an alpaca, goats, lambs and donkeys in an environment similar to a city farm.

One of London Zoo meerkats

One of London Zoo lambs

One of London Zoo alpacas

London Zoo llamas

One of London Zoo donkeys

See the camels and the bearded pigs on the way to the Galapagos Tortoises enclosure and a glass display housing a Komodo Dragon.

Two of London Zoo camels

One of London Zoo bearded pigs

One of London Zoo Galapagos Tortoises

London Zoo Komodo Dragon enclosure

London Zoo resident Komodo Dragon

Inside the Reptile House nearby, snakes, lizards, crocodiles and frogs can be seen.

London Zoo Reptile House

One of London Zoo snakes

One of London Zoo lizards

A small yellow frog at the Reptile House at London Zoo

Another popular building at London Zoo is the Aquarium; divided in three halls (Freshwater Fish, Coral Reef, and Amazonian Fish) it houses some weird and colorful fish, sea horses and lots of other small creatures of the sea .

Entrance to London Zoo Aquarium

Colorful fish swimming in London Zoo Aquarium

Looking into one of London Zoo Aquarium tanks

London Zoo Aquarium jellyfish

Occupying a large area of London Zoo is Into Africa home to zebras, giraffes, pygmy hippos and an okapi.

London Zoo Into Africa entrance

Two of London Zoo zebras

Two of London Zoo giraffes

One of London Zoo giraffes

One of London Zoo pygmy hippos

One of London Zoo okapis

The construction seen on the other side of Regent’s Canal is the Snowdon Aviary where a number of birds big and small fly free over visitors heads.

View of London Zoo Snowdon Aviary

One of Snowdon Aviary resident birds

One of Snowdon Aviary birds

One of London Zoo peacocks

And more birds can be seen in different parts of the Zoo like at the African Bird Safari, in the Blackburn Pavilion and during live daily shows featuring among other owls and parrots.

London Zoo Bird Safari entrance

A bird in the African Bird Safari enclosure at London Zoo

One of the birds at the African Bird Safari at London Zoo

London Zoo Blackburn Pavilion

One of Blackburn Pavilion birds

One of London Zoo owls

A visit to London Zoo can be combined with a walk along Regent’s Canal to Camden Town, famous for its market and quirky shops.

A bridge over Regent's Canal in London

Regent's Canal floating Chinese restaurant in London

Stalls at London Camden Market

One of Camden Market colorful shops

For people who prefer not to walk, boats stop outside the Zoo on the way to Camden Town; boats also go the other way to Little Venice, a scenic corner of West London and site of the famous Canalway Cavalcade held there every year on May Bank Holiday Weekend.

Boats at Little Venice in London

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